MH Mediate provides resources
to improve your mental health communication
through the use of conflict resolution principles



We help people talk about mental health, prevent conflicts, resolve conflicts, address challenging behaviors, make empowered choices, and become accessible to disabilities and other needs.



It’s hard to talk about mental health

There are no easy answers.  People form their own points of view based on their beliefs about what causes a mental health problem and how to address it.  They join different communities who use their own terms for mental health problems and often don’t see them as problems at all.  


With so many viewpoints, people get stuck in conflicts and poor communication patterns

They get afraid to share information and needs, causing problems to fester.  Conflicts arise about communication, living, sensitivities, and more.  


MH Mediate was founded by a mediator with bipolar disorder to address these challenges

Dan Berstein came to dispute resolution after his academic mental health expertise and his personal lived experience showed him the need for improved mental health communication.  He realized conflict resolution principles could empower all sorts of stakeholders to engage in productive conversations related to mental health.  




We serve:

Empower managers and employees to be proactive about addressing mental health issues to reduce costs

Improve your outreach to students accessing mental health resources

Mental Health Organizations
Engage diverse stakeholders, prevent problems from arising, and address conflicts that occur

Conflict Resolution Practitioners
Become accessible to parties with mental health needs and improve your general practices

Reach agreements about communication, living arrangements, and sensitivities

People Exploring Mental Health
Navigate the landscape of mental health to make your best choices and learn skills for conflict resolution

Supportive Housing
Develop a culture to reduce and address conflicts