Managing Conflicts as a Working Peer – 10th Annual NYC Peer Conference Workshop

Dan delivered a workshop at the 10th Annual Peer Specialist Conference in New York City on Thursday 7/14/16, to a packed room of peers interested in managing conflicts.  Below are some key take-aways from the workshop.  

Be sure to check out our Follow-Up tool at the end of the post – “5 Steps for Managing Workplace Conflicts”


Types of Conflicts Peers Experience

  • Role Confusion
    disagreements about the role of the peer
  • Professional Boundaries
    discord about the boundaries between different professions
  • Different Treatment
    conflicts about being held to a different standard, whether it be higher or lower, than others
  • Mental Health Philosophies
    clashes over different ideas about labels, treatments, or causes of mental instability
  • Interpersonal Conflicts
    problems due to bullying, isolation, exclusion, or workplace friendships
  • Workplace Transitions
    issues from resistance to changes in the workplace
  • Communication Styles
    problems related to differences in feedback processes, communication frequency, or other communication areas


Skills We Reviewed

  • Understand the Spectrum of Conflict Management
    We explored the different options available to prevent a conflict from occurring, manage a conflict that has happened, and address escalation.
  • Be Impartial
    We discussed the importance of staying impartial through conflicts.
  • Manage Bias
    Bias can lead to poor communication and conflict resolution.  Participants received an Impartiality Worksheet that helped them reflect on their biases and make a plan to manage their biases.
  • Validate Diverse Perspectives
    It is important to treat everyone equally, regardless of their different beliefs about mental health.  Participants received a Validating Diverse Perspectives Checklist to use as a regular tool to help them treat people equally.



MH Mediate has developed a five-step guide for managing workplace conflicts, including the opportunity to ask Dan for advice through our Dear Dan service. 

Download “The Five Steps to Manage Workplace Conflicts” here.  
You can share this with others as well, please just let us know.