When Managers Usually Think About Mental Health




Crises force managers to pay attention to mental health in the workplace. A crisis can be as small as a panic attack at work, a protracted fight between co-workers, or an employee disappearing for several days with an important deliverable pending.

Crises can be as big as the Germanwings crash, or the recent high-profile suicides at financial companies and start-ups.

Managers are often forced to take a reactive, time-pressured approach to addressing crises with the employee(s) involved as well as with the broader community of co-workers. MH Mediate can give you tools to be ready before these crises occur.


Normal Stress Events

Normal Stress EventEven if your company doesn’t demand long hours of its employees, or create pressure around their performance, there will still be normal stress events at work.

When employees have low morale, appear overextended, or are delivering lower quality work, this could be sign of strain in their mental health or wellbeing. A manager might be faced with the delicate task of asking what is causing this change in performance, and – if the employee discloses – this may be the managers’ first engagement on the subject of mental health. MH Mediate can help here too.




Conversations with Disclosing Employees

Disclosing Employee

Sometimes an employee will disclose their mental health needs, either proactively or in response to one of the events above. On an ongoing basis, this employee might check in about their limitations and needs for accommodation.

MH Mediate teaches you what to say to employees, and how to explain unusual circumstances to co-workers, while maintaining compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act





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