Ready for Anything

MH Mediate’s Ready for Anything program helps organizations prepare for and manage challenging behaviors from coworkers, clients, and customers.  Planning for behaviors can increase practitioner comfort, improve the bottom line, and protect you from legal liability. 

The Ready for Anything program has been used to help workplaces address:

  • Work Shirking and Shifting
  • Absenteeism, Presenteeism, and Distracted Workers
  • Workplace Bullying and Harassment
  • Gossip and Offensive Workplace Conversations
  • Aggression and Violence
  • Tangents and Monopolization of Time
  • Rude Behaviors
  • Capacity Questions and Other Disconnects

MH Mediate also offers customized programs for housing providers, universities, mental health service providers, and other practitioners.

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Challenging Behaviors Assessment
MH Mediate's online inventory will help your organization:

  • Identify the prevalence of various challenging behaviors including emergencies, disruptions, and disconnects
  • Prioritize which behaviors and interventions matter most
  • Assess your organization's existing policies and capacity for behavior planning
  • Develop goals for any future training or consulting initiatives


Manager Training
MH Mediate's manager training program works with key decision-makers at your organizations to help them learn the Ready for Anything behavior planning framework so they can use it themselves and determine which aspects to disseminate to staff.  We teach:

  • A framework to classify behaviors as emergencies, disruptions, and disconnects
  • Behavior planning and response options
  • Techniques for integrating professional norms, organization policies, and personal boundaries in developing behavior responses
  • A template for developing clear thresholds and interventions for challenging behaviors
  • Strategies for implementing and communicating your behavior principles


Policy Consulting
MH Mediate can help your organization develop behavior policies based on your specific culture including:

  • Informal best practices
  • Formal documents for managers, employees, clients, and customers
  • Campaigns to motivate behavior change amongst staff
  • Specialized initiatives around conflict resolution, accessibility, or mental health communication


Staff Training
MH Mediate's staff training can provide your employees with individualized support in developing their own behavior intervention plans.  Features include:

  • Customization to incorporate your organization's existing values and practices
  • Online version available so staff can take the training on-demand at convenient times
  • One-to-one individualized feedback
  • Record of each employee's personal behavior plan


Behavior Dashboard
MH Mediate's Behavior Dashboard is a personalized online system for tracking and referring behavior issues at your organization.  Options include:

  • Empower staff to share incidents, questions, and feedback either anonymously or by name
  • Receive periodic updates with statistics and reports from your organization
  • Provide an online hub to access on-demand training resources, policy reminders, and referral resources (both internal and external)
Clients and Case Studies


Past clients who have hired MH Mediate to provide challenging behaviors trainings and related services include the Department of Justice, the Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee, several of the NY State Unified Court System's dispute resolution centers, AmeriCorps, the New Jersey Collaborative Law Group, and many other workplaces, service providers, government agencies, and professional associations.

Example Case Studies 

  • A workplace consulted with MH Mediate to help identify which challenging behaviors to prioritize as they embarked on the Ready for Anything behavior planning process
  • Individual attorney advocates participated in an interactive, online program so they could learn the Ready for Anything behavior planning framework, develop their personal plans, and receive constructive feedback from MH Mediate
  • A supportive housing agency brought in MH Mediate for an intensive staff training that taught them how to handle challenging behaviors in the context of their organization policies and the Ready for Anything framework
How the Program Was Developed


MH Mediate’s Challenging Behaviors training was built using surveys of several professional association memberships as well as MH Mediate’s proprietary database of thousands of conflict resolution practitioners across the US.  It also relies on thesis-level work at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health reviewing instruments for assessing capacity, insight, and risk of harm. 

The training incorporates tools and practices that have been informed by reviews of the academic literature on challenging behaviors and refined iteratively through testing in many states.


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