Internship Program

“It has been the best and most hands on experience I have had so far and I am really grateful for the opportunities you provided me” – Karen, Former Intern


MH Mediate is the leading organization working on communication, conflict resolution, and mental health. We have housed dozens of interns.  Past interns have worked full-time or part-time, remotely or on-site.


New interns can apply for a research internship to work on data collection, literature reviews, article drafting, blog articles, and tool development.  Interns also may have the opportunity for some outreach experience

To apply, e-mail


Some highlights of past internship experiences include:

Mental Health Mediation team at 2013 NAMI Walk

Promoting Conflict Resolution in Mental Health

  • Selecting a mailing list service and developing an MH Mediate Newsletter
  • Tabling at the 2013 NAMI Walk and participating in the Mental Health Mediation NAMI Walk team
  • Tabling at the NYC Creating Wellness Fair in Harlem
  • Conducting Outreach

Intern Karen at the NYC Creating Wellness Fair in Harlem

Conducting Research

  • Conducting research to support the Mental Health Decisions project
  • Researching guests and writing articles for Perspectives in Mental Health
  • Conducting a literature review for our Behaviors in Mediation Project
  • Finding contact information for mediators for our Behaviors in Mediation survey
  • Assisting in training development for Peer Specialist Conference and Cultural Sensitivity Workshops
  • Researching bias assessment tools and decision-making algorithms
  • Reaching out to different mental health communities to learn how they interpret diagnosis
  • Researching organizations and resources in mental health

Interns planning the National Dialogue event

Taking a Leadership Role in Events

  • Organizing the National Dialogue on Mental Health event
  • Facilitating group conversations during events
  • Guest-hosting the Perspectives in Mental Health online radio program

Interns attending the NAMI Families in Mental Health Panel

Participating in Events

  • MDSG Lecture Event on Diagnosis featuring Dr. Joseph Golberg
  • NAMI Panel Event feature Llyod Sederer
  • ACR-GNY Conference on scholarship
  • Lower Hudson Multicultural Assessment Committee Meeting
  • MH Mediate 2013 Intern Party (a Boston Market feast!)
  • MH Mediation Community Meetings
  • Various Webinars

June 2013 Intern Party at CUNY DRC