Mental Health Communication Online Training

Mental Health Communication Online Certificate Program

This certificate program teaches key mental health communication skills through three 60-minute training modules detailed below.

You will take away tools with each module, and have access to direct one-to-one instructor feedback on the feedback exercises that follow each module.




Be Sensitive to People with Mental Health Experiences

Takeaway Tool: Sensitivity Checklist

Feedback Exercise: Being Sensitive in Your Communication

Connect with the diverse experiences of peers, providers, and supporters and learn tactics to help you be sensitive to their lived experience.




Be Empowering to Parties with Mental Health Needs

Takeaway Tool: Tipsheet for Empowered Practices

Feedback Exercise: Incorporating Empowerment in Your Style

Discover the skills of empowerment that come from the world of mediation. Learn to listen reflectively, validate diverse perspectives, demonstrate impartiality, communicate transparently, and be trauma-informed in your practice.




Be Ready for Challenging Mental Health Conversations

Takeaway Tool: Challenging Conversations Template

Feedback Exercise: Planning Your Tough Conversation

Receive a template you can use to navigate challenging mental health conversations. Learn to apply it to disagreements about labels, treatment, lifestyle choices, and traumatic experiences.



Registration Details

Visit to register via PayPal (all major credit cards or debit cards accepted, no need to create a PayPal account).  The cost is $249.   Enrollments take 1-3 business days to process and you will receive 30 days of access to the course.  Enrollments are for individual use only – contact for group purchases.


About Dan Berstein, Presenter

DanBersteinDan Berstein is a mediator living with bipolar disorder and the founder of MH Mediate, an innovative company at the forefront of mental health communication and conflict resolution. Dan has been an awareness speaker for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, a support group facilitator for the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, a Mental Health First Aid instructor for the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and a mediator for the New York Peace Institute. He holds a master’s degree in Mental Health and certificate in Health Communication from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, where he launched a Mental Health Conflict Resolution Training Project as part of the university’s Social Innovation Lab.


Dan convened the first independently-organized National Dialogue on Mental Health event in response to Barack Obama’s call for community conversations on mental health. It was the first to be inclusive toward diverse stakeholder groups and became a model for future organizers throughout the nation. Through MH Mediate, Dan has provided mental health communication trainings in over a dozen states to clients including mental health service providers, legal agencies, universities, conflict resolution centers, and mental health peer organizations. He has keynoted or presented workshops at many conflict resolution and mental health conferences.