Resolving Conflicts in Shared Living Online Program


Resolving Conflicts in Shared Living
Online Training Program

This 2-hour video-based training encompasses the following elements:


Appreciate Perspectives

The first step in working through conflicts is to appreciate the other person’s point of view.   We learn how to validate someone else’s perspective (not agree with it, but respect their right to their own view).

Take-Away Tool: Reflective Listening Tipsheet


Understand Positions and Needs

Next, we practice separating people’s positions (what they are saying they want right now) from their interests or needs (why they want it). We learn how to use our validation and listening skills to have earnest conversations to understand one another’s needs.

Take-Away Tool: Positions and Needs Worksheet


Reach Agreements About Shared Living

Now we are ready to brainstorm options and discuss a possible agreement to resolve our conflict. We learn how to develop realistic, sustainable, and balanced agreements.

Take-Away Tool: Reaching Agreements Tipsheet

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