For Mental Health Service Providers

As a mental health provider or advocacy organization, you know better than most that the world of mental health can be filled with conflict.  MH Mediate can help you train your staff and constituents.  We can also provide mediation to resolve conflicts, and consulting to help you enhance your programs.

Some sample trainings are listed below:


General Conflict Resolution

Organizations reach out to MH Mediate to train their staff in conflict resolution skills including:
  • Mediation Skills Training
  • Preventing and De-Escalate Conflicts 
  • Addressing Challenging Behaviors


Mental Health Communication 

Organizations ask MH Mediate to provide them or their constituents programs teaching them:

  • Talking About Mental Health Without Upsetting People
  • Validating Diverse Perspectives in Mental Health
  • Navigating Mental Health Conflicts

View MH Mediate founder Dan Berstein’s TEDx Talk on talking about mental health without offending people:

TEDxCooperUnion (2017)


Trainings for Peer Specialists

Peers seek to learn how to manage conflicts on their teams, or finding ways to help their clients address conflicts in their lives.  MH Mediate has developed programs focused on helping peer specialists work through conflict including workshops at the New York City Peer Specialist Conference, Behavioral Health Peer Conference, and International Association of Peer Supporters.    

Currently, MH Mediate is developing a CUNY Dispute Resolution Center project (funded by the AAA-ICDR Foundation) training peer specialists in mediation skills.  Learn more about it by clicking here.


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