For People Exploring Mental Health

Mental health is confusing for everyone, even experts. How do you know whether you are even having a mental health problem, let alone what to call it or who to ask for help? The truth is there are no answers – you have some important decisions to make.

MH Mediate can help you appreciate your choices and build skills for having effective conversations about mental health.



Online Trainings

  • Making Sense of Mental Health
  • Validating Diverse Perspectives in Mental Health
  • Saying the Right Things in Mental Health
  • Navigating Family Conflicts




  • Mental Health Choices eBooks
    These resources will help you understand your choices in mental health, and are launching in the Spring

  • Finding Providers Mental Health Summit
    This program will provide you interviews with experts to help you find providers in mental health.


Special Resources for Peer Supporters and Peer Specialists

A peer specialist is someone who is open about their lived experience with mental health as part of a treatment team or program. Peer specialists have a number of conflicts with their clients, fellow peers, and sponsoring organizations. We offer resources for peer specialists including:

  • Managing Conflicts as a Working Peer Training
  • Explaining Unconventional Lived Experience Training


Contact if you’re interested in any of our webinars, resources, or trainings