Online Trainings

MH Mediate provides in-depth online trainings that can include:

  • Interactive Individual Exercises with one-to-one instructor feedback
  • Group Conference Calls and other forms of discussion
  • Takeaway Tools that you can apply in your daily life and regular practice
  • Follow-Up Opportunities for you to ask questions
  • Certificates to demonstrate your achievement


Occasionally, we also offer live webinars and recorded replays to provide an introduction to our material.  Take a look at some sample webinars below:


Navigating Challenging Conversations in Mental Health (Mini-Webinar)



Agreement Templates for Family Mental Health Conflicts (Mini-Webinar)



Addressing Challenging Behaviors in Dispute Resolution (Webinar Replay)


Click here to view the replay from Dan’s ACR Live presentation on challenging behaviors for dispute resolvers.



Other Example Programs (Ask Us For Excerpts)

  • Preparing for Mental Illness in Dispute Resolution
    (Be Impartial, Be Accessible, Put it In Practice)


  • Preparing for Clients with Mental Health Needs


  • Resolving Conflicts in Shared Living


  • Mental Health Communication Training
    (Be Sensitive, Be Empowering, Be Ready)

Contact Dan at if you’re interested in collaborating to offer an online training to your constituents.  We strive to tailor every program to its unique audience needs, and we include interactive one-to-one exercises in each of our trainings.  


Webinar Replays You Can Schedule Now


Empower Your Managers to Have Effective Mental Health Conversations

This webinar training addresses every step of communication about mental health, in line with your existing culture and policies. This webinar training will empower your managers to:

  • Proactively address behavior problems with employees
  • Know what to say and what not to say when employees bring up mental health issues
  • Feel comfortable during challenging situations
  • Become accessible to employee needs
  • Navigate the boundaries of personal time and company needs


Click here to learn more about scheduling a webinar


Preparing for Clients with Mental Health Needs (Replay)


This webinar will prepare you for challenges communicating with clients who have mental health needs.

  • Respond to challenging behaviors without stigmatizing mental illness
  • Say the right things without offending clients
  • Explain unconventional choices when advocating for clients
  • Reality-check clients without upsetting them

Click here to learn more about the training and schedule your personal replay


Resolving Family Conflicts in Mental Health (Replay)

Resolve Family Conflicts teaches families to understand the kinds of conflicts that occur in mental health situations, the opportunities to overlap, and the skills needed for resolution.  We explore three types of agreements – communication, living, and sensitivities.  This 60 minute training will teach you to:

  • Appreciate Sources of family mental health conflicts
  • Understand the Overlap across different sides of family conflicts
  • Validate different points of view
  • Add Options by elaborating without agreeing
  • Reach Agreements about communication, living arrangements, and sensitivities


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