Prepare Your Managers for Mental Health Conversations



Empower Your Managers to Have Effective Mental Health Conversations

You will experience mental health issues – are you ready to talk to your employees about them? It’s important to help you address issues early and improve productivity.  This webinar training addresses every step of communication about mental health, in line with your existing culture and policies.


  • Do you wish your employees felt more comfortable reaching out for needed support so you wouldn’t have to react to problems at the last minute
  • Are you ever unsure how to handle challenging behavior from employees including absences, productivity declines, low morale or questionable conduct?
  • Do you know how to discuss mental health issues after an employee discloses?
  • Have you ever been afraid to discuss the boundaries of personal time and company needs?


We’ll help you talk about mental health in a way that empowers managers and employees to meet your company’s goals.

 We present communication scripts you can tailor to your company’s needs, addressing when and how to discuss disclosed and undisclosed mental health needs in the following contexts:


Company Policies | Orientation Process | Training | Cultural Norms | Announcements
Typical Events | Escalations | Taking Action | Reintegration | Communicating to Co-Workers


Our training incorporates leading research on best practices in workplace communication. MH Mediate trainings are unique because they are infused with conflict resolution principles for empowered conversations, and with an awareness of diverse perspectives in mental health.


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