The Dispute Resolution in Mental Health Initiative


The Dispute Resolution in Mental Health Initiative is a collaboration between the CUNY Dispute Resolution Center at John Jay College and MH Mediate, funded by the AAA-ICDR Foundation.  We developed a 5-Day Basic Mediation Training for Peer Specialists and online programs to help peers with lived experience of mental illness learn conflict resolution skills, access conflict resolution resources, and be welcomed by conflict resolution service providers.



The DRMH 5-Day Training for Peer Specialists

The 5-Day Basic Mediation Skills training was held at John Jay College, 524 W 59th St, New York City, in August 2017. 

It included lecture, discussion, and role play exercises that helped participants learn conflict resolution skills.  The program covered the nature of conflict, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes with specific focus on mediation, the values of mediation, mediation skills, the role of the mediator and other parties, the identification and management of power imbalances, the identification and management of diverse perspectives, implicit biases, and ethical issues.  

This training also explored specific case examples relevant to the peer specialist community and provided follow-up support to help participants apply these skills in their personal and professional lives.



Conflict Resolution Resources for Peers

The DRMH Initiative produced a reference guide and webinar summarizing conflict resolution resources for the peer community.  

The online resources are free and available to anyone.  For immediate access to these resources, please submit the following information and press submit. We are also happy to partner with organizations so they may share these conflict resolution resources with their constituents.