MH Mediate Programs




Mental Health Communication







The Talking Mental Health Dashboard provides monthly mental health communication trainings, tools, eCards, and question-and-answer opportunities – a simple, manageable, and effective way to commit to building these skills





Mental Illness in Dispute Resolution teaches professional dispute resolvers the skills they need to be sensitive, empowering, and accessible to parties with mental health histories.




Challenging Behaviors






The Challenging Workplace Behavior Summit provides a complete toolkit for the ten toughest behaviors at work, featuring ten top global experts.  






Ready for Anything teaches a framework for planning for challenging behaviors from clients and co-workers.  Learn the full range of interventions for addressing emergencies, disruptions, and disconnects.  Use MH Mediate’s template to make your personalized behavior plan.




Conflict Resolution






Resolving Conflicts in Shared Living is an online, on-demand program designed for housing organizations managing tenants in shared living situations, and applicable for all tenants and staff looking to reduce conflicts in a housing setting.






Conflict Coaching packages include structured, goal-oriented 1-to-1 sessions to help individuals build skills for existing or future conflicts.  These sessions are virtual, and incorporate structured tools from MH Mediate’s mental health communication, challenging behaviors, and conflict resolution repertories.




Custom Programs






Custom Programs for organizations can incorporate consulting sessions, live online programs, and pre-recorded modules from MH Mediate’s mental health communication, challenging behaviors, conflict resolution, and accessibility repertories.