MH Mediate’s engaging programs incorporate conflict resolution best practices, are designed for lasting impact, and have been refined using proprietary surveys and pilots across multiple states and industries.



Multiple User Licenses

Multi-user organization licenses are available at a substantial discount.  E-mail for organization inquiries


Become an Effective Mental Health Communicator
For All Professionals

The Become an Effective Mental Health Communicator online course helps participants be sensitive, empowering, and ready to communicate about mental health topics and with people with mental health histories.


Ready for Anything:
Challenging Behavior Planning Course

For All Professionals

Ready for Anything teaches a framework for planning for challenging behaviors from clients and co-workers.  Learn the full range of interventions for addressing emergencies, disruptions, and disconnects.  Use MH Mediate’s template to make your personalized behavior plan.


Mental Illness in Dispute Resolution

For Conflict Resolvers, Mediators, and Neutrals

The Mental Illness in Dispute Resolution online course teaches conflict resolvers to be sensitive to mental health experiences, accessible to parties with mental health needs, and prepared to put these skills into practice across the different ways it arises in their cases.


Resolving Conflicts in Shared Living

For Housing Providers

Resolving Conflicts in Shared Living can be used by housing providers and residents to learn how to resolve shared living conflicts by appreciating the other person’s perspective, uncovering their needs, a developing sustainable agreements to resolve the issues.




MH Mediate’s Maximum Engagement Online Programs ensure that all participants are engaged and that the program is tailored entirely to their specific questions and examples.  Programs can cover mental health communication, challenging behaviors, conflict resolution, and accessibility to people with disabilities and other needs. 


E-mail dan@mhmediate,com to receive an overview of the Maximum Engagement Online Program format and learn how to bring it to your employees.

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