Program Features

24/7 Access

Programs can be used for scheduled trainings and remain accessible on-demand for whenever employees encounter challenges

Clear, Concise Tools

Each program provides takeaway tools participants can easily incorporate into their day to day lives

Prevent Discrimination

Programs are designed to overcome bias and help employees act consistently across situations

MH Mediate empowers organizations to address challenging behaviors and mental health concerns.

Companies, non-profits, and government agencies across the country use MH Mediate’s engaging online programs to respond to challenging behaviors and have empowering mental health communication.   All programs incorporate conflict resolution best practices and include tools for easy application in day-to-day life.


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Put an end to hesitation, discomfort, and inadvertent discrimination.

Traditional challenging behavior and mental health training programs often teach action steps that are unevenly applied because employees are left to “trust their gut.”  That’s overwhelming.  Without more clarity, many are just too nervous to ever act.  Those who do might inadvertently perpetrate discrimination because of their unconscious biases.  MH Mediate’s programs teach processes for deciding when to act and how to do so impartially.


Be equipped with tools on-demand, 24/7.

When challenging conversations arise, it can be hard for employees to remember their training.  That’s why MH Mediate’s programs include on-demand access and simplified takeaway tools that can be easily incorporated into their regular practices.


Boost morale and satisfaction by showing you care.

Toxic work environments hurt productivity.  By providing your employees and constituents access to MH Mediate’s programs and tools, you are demonstrating your commitment to a positive culture.

What Clients Say

State Court

State Court

Chief Judge

"This subject poses difficult challenges in a variety of contexts for each of our judges. For this reason our judges were especially eager and grateful. Your suggested strategies for dealing with behavioral issues while maintaining respect for the humanity of every individual coming before our courts affirmed core aspirational values we all aspire to emulate."



Managing Director

"It went well, very smooth! We gained insight on mental health matters and other items that will be beneficial for us to use moving forward - knowing personal boundaries, creating behavior policies, and reflective listening. Everyone said they learned from it."

County Executive Office

County Executive Office

Program Manager

"This has been a really valuable training system for our team to experience. I am so pleased that our office is sharing this common paradigm, philosophy and language for helping our office to define plans and best practices."

Library System

Library System


"Your program not only was the most well received - it is also the one that most positively supported an identified statewide need. I also personally polled the managers and again overwhelming they noted how excellent and helpful it was. There have been requests from staff to have additional training from you."

Multi-Site Housing Organization

Multi-Site Housing Organization

Chief Operating Officer

"We very recently had one of these fine folks provide some very focused training for our staff. It was very successful. The tools have a high level of applicability for everyone who comes into contact with the folks we serve.”

Mediation Center

Mediation Center

Executive Director

"It was both engaging and developmental. The significant awareness I gained is both a personal and professional benefit. The discussion of accessibility regarding the mediation practice was eye-opening."

Academic Institution

Academic Institution

Vice Provost

"Not only inspiring but uniquely skilled in taking experience and knowledge and delivering it in a way that was graspable and “learnable” for my very diverse group of administrators"

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