Resolve Family Conflicts in Mental Health Webinar

This webinar prepares helps participants understand family conflicts in mental health and provides them with tools for resolving family mental health conflicts.  

Dan Berstein, founder of MH Mediate, has developed this content based on his expertise providing support groups to families dealing with mental health issues, mediating family conflicts related to mental health, training conflict resolution professionals to adapt their practices to mental health, and his personal lived experience with bipolar disorder.



Webinar Contant

  • Appreciate Sources of family mental health conflicts
  • Understand the Overlap across different sides of family conflicts
  • Validate different points of view
  • Add Options by elaborating without agreeing
  • Reach Agreements about communication, living arrangements, and sensitivities



Take-Away Tools

  • Tips for Difficult Family Conversations
  • Tips for Reflective Listening



Sample Content: Family Agreements (Mini-Webinar)



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