Preparing for Clients with Mental Health Needs


This training will prepare you for challenges communicating with clients who have mental health needs.   Join past clients such as AmeriCorps in learning these lessons to improve your practice.  


Training Excerpt

See an excerpt from the introduction to this replay below:



  • Saying the Right Things
    What are the right terms to use to avoid offending clients?



  • Explaining Unconventional Client Choices
    How can you explain your client’s unusual choices to judges, adversaries, and others?


  • Reality-Checking Clients
    How do you share challenging ideas with your clients without offending them?


  • Responding to Challenging Behaviors
    What techniques can help prevent and de-escalate disruptive behaviors such as yelling, interrupting, or aggression? How do you respond to clients who are upset with you?


Take-Away Tools


  • Validating Mental Health Perspectives Checklist
    Use this checklist to ensure you are validating toward every viewpoint in mental health.


  • Tips for Reflective Listening
    Apply these tips toward becoming a better listener.




Participant Reactions


  • “Far exceeded my expectations!”
  • “I am so grateful, and believe my clients will be, too.”
  • “Couldn’t ask for more! Dan Berstein was organized, clear, and thorough”
  • “Great webinar. Great information on listening skills.”
  • “Didn’t know what to expect but it made me aware of things that are useful”


Valuable Tools

  • “You provided tools which I believe will make it possible for me to connect with clients in a more respectful and effective way.“
  • “Your presentation has provided the framework to understand how to stop, think before opening my mouth, really talk to the client, ask questions about a range of topics, and gain an understanding of her/his perspective, preferences, and goals.”
  • “The webinar put me back in touch with the value of reflective listening and validation, things one often stops taking time to do in a busy workday.”


Great Handouts

  • “Your notes are absolutely the best written materials which could have been provided.  I have always wished all presenters would provide their notes so I could sit back and listen.”
  • “The written materials provided will be invaluable in keeping the information in mind, and implementing the tools provided. Thank you for a great program!”



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The cost for the training is $75 for personal use.  Contact us about watching with a larger group for a discount.


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