MH Mediate offers online programs teaching mental health communication, conflict resolution, accessibility, and management of challenging behaviors.

We tailor our programs to each client’s needs including content modules, take-away tools, and interactive resources.  Past clients include AmeriCorps, the Department of Justice, the American Bar Association, and many other companies, practitioners, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.


Past programs have included:

  • Be Ready for Challenging Behaviors
  • Preparing for Clients With Mental Health Needs
  • Become an Effective Mental Health Communicator
  • Resolving Conflicts in Shared Living
  • Resolving Family Mental Health Conflicts
  • Become Accessible to Diverse Needs and Preferences


Explore our four different program formats as well as some of the benefits of online programs by clicking the tabs below:

On-Demand Resources


On-Demand Resources

We recommend that organizations license pre-recorded programs to provide on-demand training for employees and constituents the moment they need it. 


  • A housing provider provides tenants with a link to conflict resolution training they can use the instant they complain about roommate conflicts
  • An advocacy firm provides interns with mental health communication training as part of their orientation, which happens on a rolling basis
Communal Training


Communal Training

Simultaneous online events are important for organizations looking to provide a shared, communal training experience. Depending on each organization's needs, these can be delivered live or pre-recorded, and include a range of interactivity options.


  • A bank shares a pre-recorded training during a staff meeting, to help them work with clients with mental health needs
  • A state-wide program brings together its employees for an online training to teach them to work with clients who exhibit challenging behaviors - the program includes a follow-up group conference call a month later
Professional Development


Professional Development

Organizations can sponsor individuals to engage in extended online courses, including interactivity components so participants receive one-to-one instructor feedback. Individuals can also enroll on their own.


  • A government agency enrolls an employee in two certificate training programs, one to be ready for challenging behaviors and one to become an effective mental health communicator
  • Independent practitioners enroll in a group training program to prepare for difficult behaviors from clients
Organizational Consulting


Organizational Consulting

MH Mediate can work directly with management to develop custom programming for use at your organization. This can include a mixture of in-person training, communal online training, and customized on-demand resources for ongoing use in the organization.


  • A large organization hosts a live training for managers tasked with developing practices related to disability accommodations, and then works with MH Mediate to create on-demand resources for use with their entire organization
  • A university seeking ways to empower students accessing mental health services hosts a leadership training before exploring ways to share custom programs for their faculty and wider staff
Benefits of Online Programs



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