Key Program Features

  • 2-hour program, divided into manageable chunks, with three take-away tools that can be used in conflicts
  • Designed using actual roommate conflict examples from real housing sites, with skills applicable to all kinds of housing conflicts
  • Oriented to the tenant perspective for use directly by tenants and by staff who want to learn how to communicate skills to tenants
  • Can be used to teach conflict resolution norms before a problem happens and as a resource to address existing conflicts
  • Trainer Dan Berstein is Vice Chair of the American Bar Association of Dispute Resolution and has given conflict resolution trainings to staff and tenants at a variety of housing sites across the country, as well as multiple workshops at the Supportive Housing Network of NY (2017, 2018), the NY State Office of Mental Health Housing Providers (2017), and the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene All Housing Directors’ Conference (2015)


Content Overview

sensitiveSkill 1: Appreciate Perspectives

Learn how to appreciate and validate someone else’s perspective to set the stage for a positive discussion.  Note validating does not mean agreeing with the other person, but rather respecting their point of view.

*Take-Away Tool: 
Reflective Listening Tipsheet


 readySkill 2: Understand Positions and Needs

Have earnest conversations to understand one another’s needs.  Separate people’s positions (what they are saying they want right now) from their interests or needs (why they want it). 

*Take-Away Tool: 
Positions and Needs Worksheet


empowered Skill 3: Reach Agreements

Discover best practices to brainstorm options and discuss a possible agreement to resolve their conflict.  Learn to develop realistic, sustainable, and balanced agreements.

*Take-Away Tool: 
Reaching Agreements Tipsheet




Get This Program for Your Staff or Tenants

Organizations license this program from MH Mediate so staff and tenants can access it as part of group training or as an on-demand resource.  Past MH Mediate clients include housing providers in NY and beyond as well as government agencies at the city, state, and federal levels. 

Contact us at to license this training for your staff or tenants and access preview resources including video excerpts from MH Mediate’s Supportive Housing Network of NY workshop and TEDxTalk.

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