MH Mediate works with all kinds of practitioners including conflict resolvers, attorneys, mental health service providers, and many others.  We provide trainings, resources, and coaching to support how they manage conflict, communicate about mental health, address challenging behaviors, and develop accessible practices. 



Resources For All Practitioners

Infuse Conflict Resolution Skills Into Your Practices

  • Learn and practice basic mediation skills
  • Develop a culture of conflict resolution to prevent conflicts
  • De-escalate conflicts when they occur

Become an Effective Mental Health Communicator

  • Talk about mental health in empowering ways that don’t offend or stigmatize
  • Appreciate and validate diverse perspectives in mental health
  • Navigate specific kinds of difficult conversations and mental health conflicts

Be Ready for Challenging Behaviors

  • Appreciate how planning ahead for challenging behavior can promote impartiality, safety, and practitioner comfort
  • Understand distinctions between emergencies, disruptions, and disconnects
  • Practice making and implementing formal and informal plans for challenging behaviors

Maximize Your Accessibility to People With Disabilities and Other Needs

  • Understand the difference between accommodations and accessibility
  • Apply seven universal design principles to make your practice accessible to parties with disabilities and other needs
  • Discover how to communicate your accommodations process and accessibility to clients


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Resources For Specific Professions

Human Resources Professionals and Managers

Visit our workplaces section to review MH Mediate’s robust programs specific to workplace contexts.

Attorneys and Conflict Resolution Professionals

MH Mediate has provided CLE training in a variety of states and nationally through the American Bar Association.  MH Mediate has specialized programs to help dispute resolution professionals work with parties with mental health experiences, address challenging behaviors, and become accessible to diverse party needs.

Mental Health Service Providers and Peer Specialists

MH Mediate has developed specialized trainings for mental health service providers and peer specialists including a ground-breaking AAA-ICDR Foundation funded initiative teaching peer specialists basic mediation skills and a wide variety of other peer-focused programs including efforts with ThriveNYC and the International Association of Peer Supporters.



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