Constructive Approaches to Housing Conflicts

Supported Housing Network of NY 2017 Conference Excerpt (9 min)


Dan’s TEDx Talk (Conflict Resolution and Mental Health)

How to Talk About Mental Health Without Offending Everyone (16 min)



Helpful Infographics

Building a Culture of Conflict Resolution


5 Ways to Show You're Being Fair


5 Steps for Planning to Address Challenging Behaviors


MH Mediate's Ready for Anything Program



MH Mediate’s Trainings for Housing

Click here to learn more about MH Mediate’s Resolving Conflicts in Shared Living Online Training Program, teaching vital conflict resolution skills for housing scenarios. 


About MH Mediate

MH Mediate provides trainings, resources, and consulting services to help housing providers resolve conflicts, talk about mental health, address challenging behaviors, and develop accessible practices.  MH Mediate has conducted programs in over a dozen states, for clients including housing providers, universities, government agencies, workplaces, and professional associations.

Past clients include trainings a variety of housing sites and organizations in NYC, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the Supportive Housing Network of New York, Americorps, the Department of Justice, and many others.  Projects have also received funding from the NY State Unified Court System, the NY State Office of Mental Health, and the AAA-ICDR Foundation.


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