MH Mediate helps workplaceseducation institutionspractitionershousing providers, and families to:


Address Challenging Behaviors

Be prepared and comfortable addressing emergencies, disruptions, and disconnects 


Talk About Mental Health

Learn the terminologies, perspectives, and skills you need for effective conversations


Prevent Conflicts

Infuse your personal or organizational culture with conflict resolution norms


Resolve Conflicts

Use mediation processes for empowering, validating, and impartial conflict management 


Become Accessible 

Apply universal design principles to become accessible to disabilities and other needs


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MH Mediate is renowned for providing trainings that help organizations and individuals manage conflict, address challenging behaviors, talk about mental health, and become accessible.  All trainings are designed to include examples relevant to your audience and to leave participants with actionable takeaway tools they can use in their practice.  Training programs are modular with length and depth tailored to each organization's needs.  Although we work with many organizations in person, all MH Mediate programs are designed to be delivered online.

  • Ready for Anything program for challenging behaviors
  • Conflict Compass program for developing conflict resolution skills
  • Talk Mental Health program for sensitivity and empowered communication around mental health
  • Accessible to All program for becoming accessible to people with diverse abilities, needs, and preferences


MH Mediate provides best practices consulting with special expertise in mental health communication, conflict resolution, challenging behaviors, and accessibility.

Every consulting engagement is custom-tailored to client needs.  Example projects include:

  • Decision Support
  • Resource Development
  • Skill-Building
  • Conflict Management
  • Communication Strategy



Project Phases

  • Needs Assessment - The consulting process begins with you sharing the key scenarios you seek to address with MH Mediate's consulting services.  This can be accomplished informally through meetings and phone calls, or formally through our proprietary survey assessments.
  • Planning - We will work with your institutional decision-makers to develop an intervention plan.  Interventions can include training programs, policy development, resource development, referral plans, and regular assessments.  This phase can be very brief, with us sharing suggestions, or more in-depth if your organization is looking for a more substantial effort.
  • Implementation - MH Mediate can work on-site and remotely to deliver trainings, resources, ongoing consultations, and assessments as needed to actualize the project vision and gauge its success.

Mediation is a structured process where an impartial, trained professional helps people have a difficult conversation and potentially reach an agreement.  The cornerstone of mediation is self-determination, meaning each person always makes all of their own choices.

Mediators don't make any decisions; we simply provide communication support and a safe space.  Mediation is designed to be an empowering experience for all people involved.  Assuming both parties reach an agreement, it can be memorialized in writing.

Mediation is appropriate for workplace conflicts, as well as for personal conflicts.  In business settings, mediation can help when there are relationship breakdowns, disputes between coworkers, deteriorating performance, and issues related to harrassment, discrimination, or termination.  Times when managers are not well-positioned to resolve conflicts.  In personal settings, families can reach living agreements, family wellness plans, communication plans, crisis plans, and advanced directives.

MH Mediate has deep expertise in mediation.  
MH Mediate founder Dan Berstein is a sought-after expert in mediation best practices and in mental health issues in mediation.  Dan has provided programming for the American Bar Association, Association for Conflict Resolution, Academy of Professional Family Mediators, the AAA-ICDR Foundation, government agencies, and many more.  A nationally recognized mediation trainer, he has provided advanced skills training to practitioners in over a dozen states.

Mediations can be hosted in MH Mediate meeting space in the NYC Metro area, or they can be hosted using online technology.

Conflict Coaching

MH Mediate founder Dan Berstein is an experienced mediator, conflict coach, and trainer who has worked with individuals, practitioners, and organizations across the country to help them improve how they resolve conflicts and talk about mental health. He is available to coach you through structured, goal-oriented sessions focused on developing conflict resolution skills.

Example Skills You Can Learn in Conflict Coaching

  • Appreciate Diverse Perspectives
  • Listen Reflectively
  • Validate Perspectives
  • Uncover Needs and Interests
  • Communicate Transparently
  • Demonstrate Fairness
  • Be Empowering
  • Share Challenging Information
  • Generate Options
  • Craft Balanced Agreements

Coaching sessions are held virtually using the Zoom online meeting platform or at MH Mediate's Midtown Manhattan office space in New York City.

A facilitator is an impartial, outside person tasked with helping the team have effective meetings to achieve certain goals.  Possible goals include developing clarity and transparency around project vision and tasks, delegating tasks effectively to avoid anyone becoming overwhelmed, effectively meeting project deadlines, and clearly adhering to any pre-established project guidelines.  
Some benefits of using a facilitator are:
  • The facilitator is impartial. Any baggage that people have about past conflicts won't be targeted at the facilitator, so the team is often able to work better with the facilitator than if someone they know tries the same tactics.
  • The facilitator is an effective communicator and can use these skills to generate forward movement while being respectful of all involved.  The facilitator also models these skills to the team to encourage better communication from team members.
  • The facilitator stays focused on the goals at hand, helping the team avoid being distracted or getting stuck in a conflict that keeps them from achieving the meeting goals.

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